About the movement
The aim of Vote4Peace movement

Assistance in creating conditions for the unification of the peoples of the world on a spiritual basis, friendship, mutual assistance and tolerance;
Assistance in strengthening peace, friendship and harmony among peoples, prevention of social, national, religious conflicts;

Vote4Peace mission
-Change the public consciousness and bring knowledge about wisdom, beauty, perfection and justice

About movement
The Vote4Peace movement is the only public organization in Russia that deals with the issues of peacemaking and mutual understanding between the peoples of the US and Russia. The online petition on the website change.org gathered more than 100 000 votes in support of sanctions cancellation and limiting the arms race between Russia and the USA. Besides, more than 11 000 real signatures (bulletins) against nuclear war were collected during our peacekeeping actions. Activists of our movement - the most beautiful girls of Russia - under the slogan: "The Beauties will save the world!" collected signatures for peace in Russia, America, Europe and Asia.

Lucky Lee (Lucky Lee, June 30, 1969) is a showman and businessman, a Russian producer and owner of the Moscow club GoldenGirls, a blogger and author of the YouTube channel «LuckyLee 69».
Lucky Lee has been involved in peacemaking activity since 2013. Civil activist and patriot Lucky Lee is eager to convey the ideas of peace, friendship and tolerance among nations and peoples, and also opposes any forms of aggression in his projects.

The creation of Vote4Peace appeared due to the growing tension in the world, and especially between the superpowers of the United States and Russia. With his projects Lucky proves to the world community that Russia is a peaceful and democratic country. That's why the producer and showman Lucky Lee creates notable public events in actual contemporary formats: performance shows, audacious special projects.

In October 16, 2016, the presentation of the first anti-war Russian cabaret-musical took place on the Webster Hall in New York. The musical "Beast and the Beauties: from Russia with Love" tells the story of Lucky Lee and his way from the banker to the producer, as well as how beautiful girls-dancers are fighting for peace and in the language of art they try to influence the geopolitical situation and stop military actions.

Dozens of actions were organized around the world: "Golden Anti-Tanks" - the first peace-making cabaret-musical was presented in New York: "Beast and the Beauties: From Russia with Love" - A series of off-line projects was organized: erotic calendars for President Vladimir Putin and B. Obama "Make Love Not War" (2013) and Apocalypse Tomorrow with the support of PLAYBOY and MAXIM (2016) -
The leader of the movement, Lucky Lee was awarded the Golden Order of the Peacemaker and the Noble Heart award in Yalta (2017) for his public activities

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